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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cutest Pizza Ever

This is another genius recipe from Hungry Girl that gives you an extraordinary homemade pizza in a half hour. The best part is that  I only had to make a few changes to transform it to be gluten-free (had to add miraculous chex again!). Feel free to top it with any veggies or toppings you have on hand. I've made it before with items such as jalapenos and walnuts (trust me, it works).

Oat Crust Pizza
Gluten Free
Makes 1 Mini Pizza

1/4 cup corn chex
1/4 cup regular oats
1/4 cup liquid egg substitute
one tbsp diced mushrooms
one tbsp diced green pepper
1/4 cup crushed tomatoes
1/4 cup reduced fat shredded mozzarella
garlic powder
salt and pepper
crushed red pepper flakes

1. Preheat oven to four hundred degrees.

2. Place oats and chex in a small food processor (or blender) and grind until they have a bread crumb like consistency. Transfer crumbs  to a small bowl and stir in egg substitute and garlic powder. Be sure ingredients are mixed well.

3. Spray a medium pan with nonstick spray and bring to medium-high heat. Spoon oat mixture into pan and use back of spoon to smooth into circular crust. Cook about two minutes (until lightly browned) and than
flip carefully using a spatula. Cook the second side about 2 minutes more (also until lightly golden) and then transfer crust to a plate to cool.

4. Remove pan from heat and respray with nonstick spray. Place pan over heat again and add in mushrooms and peppers. Saute over medium-high heat about 2 minutes.

5. Season tomatoes with garlic powder, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes and any other desired seasonings. Spread evenly over crust than place veggies on top of sauce. Sprinkle evenly with mozzarella cheese.

6. Carefully place small square of aluminum foil on oven rack then place pizza directly on foil. Bake pizza for 10 minutes. Cut into quarters and enjoy!

Nutrition Information-- approximately 235 calories (per pizza)

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