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Friday, June 1, 2012

Taco Bar

Spice up an ordinary dinner with an elaborate yet easy to prepare taco bar. It not only tastes amazing but gives people the option to choose exactly what they like. To prepare the taco bar simply set out a few of these options or whatever else you can think of. Most of these options can be prepared ahead of time and reheated prior to serving.


1.Gluten free corn tortillas, warmed briefly in a dry skillet

2.Whole Boston or butter lettuce leaves, for lettuce wraps


1. Steamed lobster

2. Spice Rubbed Tilapia

3 BBQ Chicken

4. BBQ Grilled Salmon

5. Black Beans and Rice


1. Hot sauce

2. Shredded lettuce

3. Store bought salsa

4. Salsa verde

5. Shredded Cheese

6. Hot Sauce

7. Diced Tomatoes

8. ToMango Salsa

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