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Monday, March 4, 2013

Brussels Bowl With Toasted Cauliflower Rice

The Brussels Bowl With Toasted Cauliflower Rice is a massive bowl of vegetable deliciousness! Inspired by a recipe from, this veggie bowl contains a ton of flavors and textures. The base is slighty spicy and perfectly toasted cauliflower "rice" which made by simply pulsing cauliflower florets in the food processor. The cauliflower takes on a texture that's a cross between couscous and rice- it might sound strange but trust me, it's amazing. On top of the cauliflower rice, is a layer of golden, roasted vegetables including brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and red pepper. The bowl is finished with black eyed peas, fresh parsley, and a tasty Dijon dressing.

Brussels Bowl With Toasted Cauliflower Rice
Gluten Free
Serves One
Printable Recipe

Roasted Vegetables--
4 ounces butternut squash, peeled, seeeded, and cubed (about 3/4 cup of cubed squash)
8 brussels sprouts, quartered
1/4 of a red bell pepper, diced
1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary
Salt & Pepper
Toasted Cauliflower Rice--
1/2 of a medium head of cauliflower, broken into florets
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
Salt & Pepper
Dijon Dressing--
1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
2 tablespoons low sodium chicken broth
Dash of hot sauce, optional
2 teaspoons fresh tarragon, finely chopped
Salt & Pepper
Finishing Touches--
1/4 cup black eyed peas
1 tablespoon fresh parsley, finely chopped

Roasted Vegetables--
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat with nonstick spray.

2. Place squash, brussels sprouts, and red pepper on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and season with paprika, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. Stir to evenly coat vegetables in oil and spices.

3. Roast vegetables 30-35 minutes or until vegetables are golden and tender. Stir halfway through cooking.

4. Remove vegetables from oven and set aside.

Cauliflower Rice--
1. Once the vegetables are roasting, you can begin the cauliflower-- Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and coat with nonstick spray.

2. Place cauliflower in the base of a food processor (If you are using a small food processor, you will need to split the cauliflower into two batches).

3. Pulse cauliflower until it breaks down into small "rice" pieces. Scoop cauliflower onto prepared baking sheet and spread into a even layer.

4. Spritz the top of cauliflower "rice" with olive spray and season with thyme, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Stir to coat cauliflower in spices.

5. Roast 15-17 minutes at 375 degrees, or until edges of cauliflower turn crisp and golden.

Note--Both the cauliflower and roasted vegetables are roasted at 375 degrees, so if there is a little overlap in oven time, that's fine. Ideally,the roasted vegetables will be ready to come out as you're putting the cauliflower in the oven. Alternatively, if you wish to save a little time, you could roast one or both ahead of time, and reheat in the microwave prior to serving.

Dijon Dressing--
1. While the cauliflower is toasting, begin the dressing-- In a small dish, whisk together Dijon mustard, chicken broth, and hot sauce (if using).

2. Whisk in tarragon, salt and pepper. Taste for seasoning and set aside.

Finishing Touches--
1. Place black eyed peas in a small microwave safe dish. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and microwave until heated through, 15-30 seconds.

Building the Brussels Bowl--
1. Once all of the components are complete, you can begin building the bowl! Place toasted cauliflower rice on the bottom of large serving bowl.

2. Top with roasted vegetables, then scoop black eyed peas on top. Drizzle Dijon Dressing over entire bowl and garnish with fresh parsley.

Nutrition Information--approximately 315 calories per serving

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